Video Production

A Video or Film provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images. Isn’t it better to watch a video than to read a passage? A video (a moving picture says a lot than anything else). Video is the next big thing. It has already started making marks.

  • Youtube
  • Instagram reels
  • Tiktok

Your video talks about your Brand.

Digital Space is moving at a faster pace. Digital Video Marketing is a $130 billion industry.

Creating Stunning videos for the brand is one of the effective modes of communicating directly with the potential audience. With interesting, creative, engaging video production in a marketing campaign, you stand tall and have an upper hand to convey the message and increase your conversions eventually affecting your ROI. Empowering video content, with a storytelling objective and meeting the need of your audience could be a successful key element.

Types of Video Production at Various Platforms:

  1. Instagram: Fun Fact: Videos on Instagram are fun, Instagram video views increased by 150%.  With amazing video content on this instant platform not only engages your audience but allows them to call-to-action services, visiting your website and becoming your client for lifetime. Brand value, Brand quality and Brand engagement is utmost priority in Video Production.
  2. YouTube: One of the humungous video platform consumed by 2Billion Login Users each month. The numbers itself tells you the background story. Fun Fact: More 70% of YoutTube audience comes from Mobile devices. Now you know why optimising your website and mobile page is essential. YouTube is the leader in Video consumer. Ranking your YouTube content, helps in SEO benefits.

3. LinkedIn:

A specific niche is what LinkedIn is about. It’s about being professional and behaving professional. Video Production for LinkedIn might be slight different than others. It reaches a targeted audience as your professional list / contacts, the audience is business savvy and wants to make every possible deal with every interaction.

4. Facebook:

On this platform you can create videos for products, reviews, and promotion. A brand video that needs a boost with the correct niche. Creating Facebook Ad campaigns through its video production. Research, Prepare, Plan, Develop and Promote. A simple yet effective strategy to video production.

Although these may be the dominant video production platforms, there are several others like snapchat, twitter, WhatsApp.

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