Content writing

Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.

Content is a cluster that surrounds your products and services. Content Writing has an aim to captivate your audience and transmit them into potential clients. Leading your readers towards the conversion funnel and writing exactly for the proposed target is a strategy. It does not come easy though, and that’s why we research, plan our strategy as per the research and figure out convertible and sustainable ideas for the clients. This strategy adhered to success.

Content Writing Portfolio – At WeGoalDigger, we are passionate to serve targeted content. The content that we create is all SEO copy write proven, blog posts which are to be interactive, optimised for engagement of your audience and are designed and written in such a way to rank in the search engine.

Types of Content :

  1. Web Content – Example of web content is one that you’re reading now. Anything that is available on website  as a part of user experience to read and take reference. It may include video, audio, text or graphs, images, etc.
  2. Blog Writeups – Writing on single topic or article is a skill that a blog writer can have. A blog writer knows how to reach the audience and share warmth with words. Blog writers can help you understand complex topics in a simple form.
  3. Brand Journalists- These are conenting to real life scenarios. They are curious to know the story and their work constantly rotates around storyline. They are born story tellers and hence fit into brand ambassadors category.
  4. Copywriter- Copywriting has been before the digital age. Digital copywriters know their audience well and they hit the right corner. Writing a content that is persuasive as well as accurate is a tough job but they know it all.

Fun Facts: 72% of marketers are using content marketing.

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