App Development (Android & IOS)

WeGoalDigger is one of the best mobile app development company in Ahmedabad, India. Our expertise lies in building Android and iOS applications with  strong cloud-based backend infrastructure.

“Technology feeds on itself. Technology makes more technology possible”.

Fun Fact: 90% of mobile users use App.

The Role of App Development in Digital Marketing: App development increases sales, increases the number of customers, gains valuable customers for your brand. In the digital world, an App service is edging it out with the competitors. A smartphone usage in today’s era is the prominent reason for building an App.

How to boost Digital Marketing through App Development:

  • Expanding and gaining more audience – People can easily connect with the product line if you have an App. Having an App makes it work around the world and not only to your niche. It could have a free version for end users. You can easily communicate with a vast audience and convert them into potential customers.
  • Customer Retention – Your customer should visit you again and again for services that you offer. So does an App helps you do this in various form. By giving out discounts, memberships, signing offers and more. Retaining your customer is key from long term perspective.
  • Customer Data Mining- App can be used in mining user data. Creating and App that is user-friendly allows you to stay ahead in the competition as you can monitor or study how you customers react. User based changes could be made with a proper feedback from the customers that will also help in retention.

3 Reasons an App is useful for your Business/ Company:

  1. Customer Loyalty – Long term perception – Building trust with your consumer is valuable, worthy and wealthy. Customer Loyalty will help you in long term business and long term survival.
  2. Innovative Approaches- In this fast pace, no one frankly has time to get to the service centre or call at a call centre and follow the standard procedures. An App comes handy as you can give option to review and comment down your problem, a dedicated team can resolve the queries with effective timelines. A direct contact with your customers leaves an impact of care, trust and support. Giving that vibe can take you miles away from the competitors.
  3. Better Response- Getting to know the demand of your product and services, tracking each need effectively again puts you ahead of others. Don’t forget to add proper features that’ll help your customers to reach you when needed and explore new features.
  4. Push Notification gives all time Visibility- Once the App is installed you take your place. First Impression is done successfully at this point. Having good, engaging and fun features shall demand more App usage. Push Notifications allows you with constant visibility and allows you to announce new changes, send the reminders about services and products.
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